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this Tumblr account is made for my cosplay lifestyle. Here i going to submit my cosplay photos, news, W.I.P and other things that has to do with cosplay. Feel free to follow me if you are interrest.

I have also a Deviantart account, here you can see more work that i have.


EFF and my android game is done.

So first I want to say that I’m very excited about 2 weeks for EFF ^^.

I will be there as Lady Zozo on Saturday and Hanji I will wear on Sunday.

Hopefully the weather will be just as sunny as last year ;)

Our android game is done after 7/8 weeks :D

You can download it on the link below:


or you can find it on Google play if you type in: Dashavatara

you will find it easily ;)

And also  don’t forget to like our page ^^:


 I hope you will like the game. We worked hard on it.


Hanji-Attack on Titan

Cosplay: me http://lighterfoxxx.deviantart.com

photographer: Komory-bat http://komory-bat.deviantart.com