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Now that The book of circus ended, I am happy with the outcome of this season, but i’m still question myself to cosplay a noah arc circus version of Grell since she didn’t had a special circus outfit there. What do you guys think shall i do it even though it wasn’t there, so yes which design do you like to see?

Cosplay: me

Photographer: http://komory-bat.deviantart.com

Made in Japan


Awesome and epic 9 ( 2009 animated film) cosplay group.

Cosband ShiroKuroGang & Hanrei
1 - Di
2 - OllieT
3 - Nene
4 - Abigail
5 - Ita Akvarel
6 - Sam
7 - Nagi
8 - Pushkin
9 - Keisy
Photo by KSerg
Editor - Ita Akvarel